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Town Hall Recap - 2/25/18
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A/O 1/31/18

Cash 393k

Reserve 473k

Assessment fund 6700

Bad debt 142k

10 homeowners > 90 past due 

27 homeowners > 30 past due 

Suggestions made to add more information regarding the collections of bad debt. 

Board wants to be proactive and forward thinking. March meeting will be available to watch online via GoToWebinar. Streamlining ACB processes by going to a web based system and handling all paperwork online. All committees are being tasked with creating a mission statement. Working on updating our governing documents. 


Megan is changing up the new owner orientation to make it more friendly and to ensure new owners know about all the community amenities. 

Ray gave an update on the Strategic Planning Committee. The committee will look at long term projects to improve qualities of life, security, and privacy. First order of business is to improve the perimeter of the property. 

ACB is trying to streamline the provisions to help maintain compliance. Planning on adding a deposit to the ACB application to help offset any damage that may occurs due to the work being performed and to incentivize homeowners to tell the manager when the project is completed. 

Mort explained the purpose of the Compliance committee, formerly known as the Grievance committee. 

Jill gave an update on the social committee. Casino night is scheduled for 5/5. Please fill out the surveys on the website. 


Janet gave an update on the landscaping committee. We need members! If you’re interested in joining, please contact the Board. 

1/25/18 Board Meeting Recap
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Delinquent accounts reviewed. We are switching bank accounts for some of our accounts (not the operating account) to an account giving better interest. This (at current rate) will add a little over 7000.00 in interest income over the next year.
Committee additions reviewed and voted on. We have a few new people on the social committee and a few new people on the landscaping committee including Stephanie Gilbert!
Website involvement is encouraged and the board is working on DocuSign as well as the ability to file acb permits as well as other things electronically.
The vacant board seat will be filled by Ray Piergiorgi. Congratulations Ray!